IPhone Application Development Benefits and Limits

After the launch of IOS 6 and iPhone 5 this season, it is been reported that the prevalence of iPhone has sky rocketed. Users of 4s are currently getting software updates. The iOS6 is packed with 200+ new features making it the software update for iPhone. IPhone has been the most popular phone that is smart and its prevalence has made programmers and developers to come up with tens of thousands of applications making the handset practical and useful. If you have an idea of an application, here are some reasons why you should choose the iPhone platform:

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Should you prefer IPhone for your application thought?

  • SDK of iPhone is any one and downloading can produce and advertise their applications on the Apple App Store. This kit provides the tools required for iPhone application development. There are companies that have developed and promoted tens of thousands of applications for iPhone and may be hired to develop your idea into an application.
  • IPhone applications are popular. IPhone users use these applications to have fun, play tasks and surf the net. IPhone is not only a phone now and it has become an essential part of its user’s life. These were a few of the benefits of why you need to select iPhone platform for your application development. But there are a number of constraints put down by Apple for running and development of applications. Here are some restrictions that you should bear in mind before starting on your iPhone application thought.

Restrictions and Limits of iPhone applications

  • The major Restriction is that the users cannot run two applications at the exact same time, however important both applications are. By way of instance if you are busy in one application and you will need to open another application to complete your work, you will need to close the application and then proceed to another one. A call is received by you and this is frustrating when you are surfing the net or checking your email, you will be disconnected from the server if you will need to sign in again and choose the call.
  • Second limitation is that iPhone does not let you run third party applications. This means that you are on an application chatting with somebody and a call is received by you. You show offline on another party as soon as you take that call and will be disconnected from the window.
  • IOS version Compatibility issues arise. If you build an application for the iOS 6, then you must put in some effort and produce the application that it would run on the previous versions. Although this issue has not yet been reported much but nevertheless it is an issue for developers and the developers.