Mind Mapping and Note Taking Strategies for Exam Revision

Mind mapping involves the usage of a Mind Map to represent concepts and ideas in a form the theme or subject is situated in the center of the mind map and subtopics in which are organized around a keyword or thought. Mind Maps are considered one of the note and lots of mind mapping software tools exist to ease the creation of brain maps.

Mind Mapping and Note Taking Strategies for Exam Revision

Why create Mind Maps?

Mind mapping is the method of summarizing, creating ideas, learning and organizing. Maps can facilitate the creation of new ideas, problem solving, decision making and creativity. They are a tool that is great Remembering information and when searching for exams as they let you view the subjects and concepts are associated and provide visual cues that are terrific for reviewing a topic that would be missing from the long term memory.

How to make a Head Map for revision?

Obtain a sheet Write down the topic or subject and of paper you are currently revising for in the center of the sheet. Write down the main subtopics by making branches moving from the keyword associated with that topic. Insert sub- branches to those subtopics or phrases summarizing key ideas which you attempt to learn components and they are associated and may recall from memory. You should avoid the temptation to write in sentences. This method is used by linear note carrying and it is ineffective for recalling details. When outlining concept or an idea, try to add no more. That is even better if an idea can be summed up by you with a single word. Use plenty of images and color to produce topics stand out with graphics and writing for the topics which are nearer the middle of the Mind Map and writing and graphics for those on the outside of the Mind map. This will enable your mind to arrange the issues that are essential.

Priorities those books that provide the information you read these books and need for passing the exam. Add more detail to after studying each class or section by incorporating branches and key words and phrases, your mind mapping. These key words or phrases must encapsulate sub-topics and the principal ideas. This will aid in Recalling the information will help to keep knowledge that is important and will help when reviewing the topic. The images will in recalling information itself can enable you to see how sub-topics and all of the components are associated and arranged help. The brain works best via images and association.When the mind can get a perspective of can understand how the subjects and a topic ordered and are associated for learning and this recalling information. Additionally the images give more ‘hooks’ to latch onto and so aid in recall.